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Escape the Hezbollah

A young man’s struggle to guard and sustain his love for God, his fiancée, and his family when faced with the brutality of sharia law.

About the AuthorPola Muzyka is an accomplished and award winning writer, television producer/director/host, stage director, artist and actress. Pola has written documentaries, television commercials and corporate videos for over thirty years. In the 1980’S, She wrote part of a script for film director Federico Fellini. She researched and translated work for four-time Academy Award-winner Danilo Donati, who deemed her work “the most extensive research ever done on a film.” Her profession has taken her to New York, Los Angeles, London, France, Italy and other countries throughout a career spanning three decades. She has done both starring and feature roles in Hollywood-based motion pictures, has showcased her visual art in many galleries and currently hosts a television series for baby boomers. In addition, Pola has toured India as a media missionary, producing documentary films along the way and has founded Christian Media Alliance. She is the recipient of many honors for writing including: Addy Awards, NEPA Awards, AAF AdClub Awards, and National Advertising Awards.

The book's website: www.escapethehezbollah.com.

Author's website: http://www.polamuzyka.com

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